You are welcome to contact the Vicar to talk about arranging a wedding at Christ Church and there is also some very useful general information on   and

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Who can be married Christ Church?

Anyone who lives in this parish or whose parents live here is generally eligible to be married at Christ Church irrespective of whether they attend church regularly.   Help on qualifying connections is available on the above link.

How can I find out whether I live in the parish?

You may ring us and ask or put your postcode into this link:

Are there any other restrictions?

Special regulations apply if you are not British Nationals and have not resided in the UK for 6 months. We will help you with these when you contact us.

Does it matter if one of us has been divorced?

Divorce is not always a barrier to remarriage in church, but if either of you has been divorced, please speak to the Vicar to discuss your particular circumstances. 

How do I book a wedding at church?

Once we have confirmed that you are able to be married here, we will discuss dates and times with you.