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Archdeacon of Surrey

Following on from our triumph on RSCM Music Sunday, we are having our ‘extended choir’ again to sing an anthem at the 10am Sung Communion service on Sunday 28th July 2024, when our new Archdeacon of Surrey Catharine Mabuza will be taking the service (there will be no 8am Holy Communion service on that day).

Christ Church – Fundraising Appeal for Electrical Work

Our Appeal for the unforeseen expense of £40,000 is now finished.  The cost of the work came to £38,000, including all remedial work.  We are very grateful for all the generous donations received and in addition for some monies from fund raising events.  With these donations, together with funds from a legacy, we are pleased to tell you that all the costs of the work were covered.

Christ Church had its own very committed team and the success of the project owes much to their hard work and effort, for which the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is extremely grateful. 

None of this could have happened without the financial means to undertake the work and for this the PCC is very appreciated of all those who have given so generously, especially at a time when many are suffering hardships.  

Thank you very much.    

Margaret Goodchild &  Penny Hodgson (Church Wardens)


After 17 years Robin Oliphant is giving up as your Poppy Appeal Organiser (PAO). Shamley Green needs a replacement. Robin and Isabel are moving from Shamley Green to Bristol to be nearer to their  grandchildren and it is likely that he will be gone before the next Poppy Appeal. Much has changed over the years. Thanks to your generosity, the value of the annual donations has steadily increased while the work load for the PAO has decreased.

Our collectors and collection outlets have reduced from about 40 to half a dozen. That means less time spent preparing and processing 40 Poppy Trays and cash tins. We no longer have collectors for every street and house from East Whipley to Blackheath. With the end of house to house collecting, post Covid and the decline of petty cash in circulation - just half a dozen Retailers, Schools and Pubs and, of course, the Church, are doing all the good work of collecting in the centre of Shamley Green.

Increasingly the contactless collection is overtaking the cash donations - which had to be physically counted, bagged and paid in – all very time consuming. Robin suggests the role of PAO is best divided between a small team rather than a single person unless we have a gallant volunteer to take it all on! The sub roles could be “Remembrance Sunday”; Treasurer; Merchandise; and Distribution. We will still need one person to be nominated PAO and the main point of contact with the Royal British Legion. Robin says 'It has been a real privilege and pleasure to be your PAO. Your wonderful support over the years is much appreciated. I would like to see the Poppy Appeal in safe hands before I go'.

If you know anyone who might like to take on any of these roles, please contact Robin Oliphant