For baptism/christening of children or adults, please contact the Vicar.

The Church of England also has a fantastic website on Baptisms which is a useful resource:

Here are some frequently asked questions;

Is there any difference between Baptism and Christening?   No, the words mean exactly the same thing.

What is Baptism?   It is an outward sign of a belief in God’s abiding love for every human being and a means of them joining the church In the service the baby, child or adult receives the sign of the cross on their forehead as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrificial love.  Water is used as a sign of spiritual cleansing and a reminder that the sins we confess are always forgiven.  Finally, a lighted candle is given as a permanent reminder that the ‘light of  Christ’ has come into the candidate’s life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

When do Baptisms take place at Christ Church?   Baptisms usually take place during our main Sunday service at 10.00am where you will receive a warm welcome.  

How do I choose godparents?   We recommend a minimum of two and a maximum of four, with both genders represented.  Every godparent has to be baptised and it is a real benefit if they have a living faith and a real interest in your child.  

What is my responsibility as a parent or godparent?   We baptise children on the understanding that parents and godparents believe in the importance of a Christian faith and will want to engage with the life of the church.  This is expressed, in part, in the promises they are asked to make in the service and also in bringing the children to church where we have special services for children and families as well as a children’s Sunday Club

What preparation is involved before the Baptism?   The Vicar will meet you to discuss all the arrangements, book a date and go through the service with you.

Is there a charge for baptism?   No.  God’s love is freely given, so it would be wrong to ask you to pay anything.  You may make a donation to the church in celebration of your or your children’s baptism if you wish.

Do we receive a Baptism Certificate?   Yes, together with the baptism candle mentioned near the beginning.

Are my children welcome at Christ Church?   Children are very welcome from the earliest age.